Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Tumblr

After Much Thought.

And Much Processing.

I have decided...
That Tumblr is for the best.

So although there are 200 postcards out there rumbling around with this link on it. What you are looking for is no longer here. ALL NEW POSTCARDS WILL BE POSTED ON THE TUMBLR!! AS IT AUTO UPDATES MY FACEBOOK FAN PAGE WITH OVER 600 FOLLOWERS!!!

So Here You Are.
Me and you on Blogger.
I love you. Thanks for following me on here for so long. Please proceed to either Facebook or Tumblr or my Youtube. =)

I'll see you soon I hope! And I am always collecting mail of course! Link to the Right -->


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Bye Guys.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Postcard #57!

Last one for this evening as I am falling asleep and as it turns out I do not have pictures of the others at this point in time... is #57! Which is the first in a five card batch given to one of my previous professors who is a well published and liked poet but I will refrain from telling you who.

Since receiving this card I have received two others from this bunch but - as I mentioned - I do not have pictures yet =) Which is an easy fix I know but at the same time you have no idea how dead tired I am. I am surprised that I can type as fast as I can right now - even though it is substantially slower than normal and there are many more spelling errors that requre backsapcing. <-- like that.. thought Id leave you one.

Here you are! Postcard 57:

Postcards 54-55-56

Postcards 54-55-56 all come from a subscriber out in Europe.
There are some words on the back of the postcards but I have chosen not to post them as they are slightly inappropriate.

50! 51! 52! 53!

These four come from a local coworker and her niece!
The same lady who sent in the handmade postcard (either) 16 (or 15).

POSTCARDS! 45-46-47-48-49

Huzzah! More Cards as promised!

These are cards 45-49 which come from another friend of the family.
These postcards are just written on the inside of the card but they are thought provoking in a good way =)

Postcards 35 - 44

Postcards 35 through to 44 come from my beautiful friend and the talented artistry of my nephew, her son, Dominick. These cards - although you can tell which ones she had a hand in doing - are unique and colourful and they really made my day when they came through. I have been holding myself back from interacting with them as much as I would like to ( as you will see ) because I knew that I had to still take pictures and post them! So instead I left them alone and will act on my desires tomorrow!

So Here We Go:

They are in order from left to right, top to down!

Thanks lovelies =)


I have to tell you, unfortunately, that I have lost postcards 31-34 somewhere amongst my move - that being said though! They were not necessarily postcards but cards that were created and I counted towards our count.

They were cards that were sent to me by my vlogcountries counterparts but fear not! They are in a box somewhere and will be included in the book!


Postcard 30

This postcard is actually a handmade postcard which first arrived at some point in the last year.
Coming from a fan this postcard takes on the physical conception of what I started this project in the first place similar to those cards which I received in the beginning. It a postcard in all aspects but it was formed in a unique way and crafted by someone who just felt the urge.

It reminds me of Dobby too which is amazing! And one more thing, and this goes out to the postcard creator:

Dear Thompson, Manitoba:
I am sorry it took this long to post your card - but never the less I am so glad that you decided to send it!

Without further adieu, check out this masterpiece:

Postcard 29

Post Card 29 is the last of the postcards from a family friend family-ish group. It is a family that are friends of my family... I suppose I should have just said that in the first place. They pretty much explain themselves so here is the front and back:

I Promised!

So Although the day has past between us, as I am sure it has as not everyone is in my vicinity, the cards are still here. Run on a bit but never the less.... here it is.

The Last Postcard posted was 28! And Now we are going to be headed up the ladder!!
So Far in fact that we will be up to postcard 60 at least by the end of the night!!

I want to say higher but it is unlikely.
And these next postcards will not have watermarks on them - as I do not have access to my programs so they will be smaller pictures i am sorry.

So here we go followers - massive posts ahoy!